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Luit Iron Removal Plant 1000-10000 Ltr


Luit Iron Removal Plant removes the total suspended solids, dirt, and Iron and makes the water pure and fresh for use.

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Luit Iron Removal Plants helps in the treatment of ground water and surface water for reduction of iron, manganese, ammonium etc.

Pressure filter plants can also be used for special fields of application such as dechlorination of water, reuse of process water, filtration of seawater, percolate filtration, final filtration of industrial or municipal waste water.

The flexible system with many standard modules results in favorable prices and makes countless  applications possible. The plants are uncomplicated and at the same time extremely efficient and reliable. The design makes installation and maintenance relatively easy.

The plants come with manual or automatic backwash.

Vessel- Make FRP
Media- Fine Sand, Anthracite, MnO2, Treated Sand, Grit Sand, Pebbles

Multi Port Valve (with Top & bottom Strainer),

Distribution System

UPVC Pipe Fittings & Accessories set

1000 Ltr

1000 ltr, 10000 ltr, 2000 ltr, 3000 ltr, 4000 ltr, 5000 ltr, 6000 ltr, 7000 ltr, 8000 ltr, 9000 ltr


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