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Luit Water Dispenser


Luit Minerals water dispenser comes in Compact and Sleek Design and  is checked on quality measures in order to make certain its quality. The offered dispenser comes with a 3 stage UV purifier that purifies and provides 100% pure and mineral-rich drinking water.


Luit Water Dispenser can hold 20-litre water jars in which the reverse feed pump that can be easily inserted. The water dispenser comes with three temperature taps through which it can give hot water, cold water, and plain water.

Heating Capacity        5 L/hr

Material Grade            Food Grade

Cooling Capacity        3 L/hr

Tank Material              Stainless Steel

Weight                           16 kg

Body Material              ABS

3 Stage U.V. treated Purifier machine attachable with Water Cooler.

 1st Stage-        Sediments filter 5 micron that removes suspended impurities from inlet water.

2nd Stage–       Active carbon filter which removes chemical impurities like chlorine.

 3rd Stage–        U.V Chamber Removes Bacteria and Virus.


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