LUIT Minerals

Luit RO+UV Water Purifier 100 LPH


 LUIT RO+UV Purifier 100 LPH ensures every drop of water is as healthy & safe Ultraviolet Filtration imparts crystal clear clarity to your drinking water in addition to making is safe from viral & bacterial contaminations.

Product: Luit Minerals (100 LPH-Water Purifier)
Technology RO+ U.V + TDS Adjustor
Filter Cartridges Pre-filter , sediment filter,
Activated carbon filter, Post carbon Filter
Purification capacity Up to 100 litres / hour
Max. Duty cycle up to 800 litres / day.
Ro Membrane 3×300 GPD
UV lamp 11 W
Min. Inlet water pressure 0.3 kg / sq cm.
Max. Inlet water pressure 3.0 kg / sq cm.
Input voltage 160V – 300V, 50 Hz
Operating voltage 96V DC
PUMP 250 psi, 32V DC
Chiller Outdoor,2 ton


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